Taopatch for Emotional Wellness

Thousands of patients use Taopatch to relieve stress & anxiety and balance their emotions



  • Taopatch is a nanotechnology device that converts heat from your body into light (it glows in the dark)

  • Our Stress & Anxiety protocol applies 2 Taopatches on 2 acu-points on your legs. These points have been used in acupuncture for relief of anxiety for centuries.

  • Our customers have been applying Taopatch to those points for the last 7 years, with consistent results.



"I tried TaoPatch as one of the multiple attempts to eliminate my chronic lower back pain...Finally, like magic, Tao Patch has completely fixed my problem and now I feel stronger, more motivated and ready for new challenges.” 

Luciano Siringo

2017 World Champion in Inline Skating Master Category 

The Stress & Anxiety Kit Includes

3 Taopatch Devices

One pack of Taopatch (3 patches) to be applied to specific acu-points. Patches are waterproof and last for 2 years. 

60 Custom Adhesives

Adhesives are used to apply Taopatches to skin. You can also use any medical tape or bandaids.

The Instructions

A detailed guide to help you find acu-points.

Free Consultation with Our Team

We're here to help. We're available 7 days a week over live-chat.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For any reason whatsoever. It's just like a free trial.