Taopatch uses nanotechnology and proven acupuncture protocols to boost your immune system naturally and without side effects



  • Taopatch is a nanotechnology device that converts heat from your body into light (it glows in the dark)

  • Our Immune System Boost Kit includes 6 patches, and instructions for specific protocols, shown in multiple evidence-based scientific publications to strengthen the immune system


Disclaimer: these protocols do not replace medical treatment or advice from a doctor. They are based on a collection of scientific information to help as many people as possible improve immune defenses.


In the past centuries, there have been similar times when medicine was helpless in stopping the disease. With no vaccine to prevent, or drugs to treat the virus, we have to rely on hygiene, social distancing and strengthening our immune system. 

At Taopatch we have spent the last 7 years applying the principles of acupuncture to low-level laser therapy using our nanotechnology device. We have helped thousands of Multiple Sclerosis patients, athletes, people suffering from pain and lots of other symptoms. We also studied and experimented with many acupuncture protocols for strengthening the immune system. The acu-points included in our Immune System Boost Kit are based on solid scientific publications.

Today we are grateful to be able to share these tools with you. In addition to these protocols, we are offering a 35% discount, to help as many people as possible. As always, it's backed by our 100% money back guarantee.


"I tried TaoPatch as one of the multiple attempts to eliminate my chronic lower back pain...Finally, like magic, Tao Patch has completely fixed my problem and now I feel stronger, more motivated and ready for new challenges.” 

Luciano Siringo

2017 World Champion in Inline Skating Master Category 

The Immune System Boost Kit Includes

6 Taopatch Devices

2 packs of Taopatch (3 patches in each pack) to be applied to specific acu-points. Patches are waterproof and last for 2 years. 

60 Custom Adhesives

Adhesives are used to apply Taopatches to skin. You can also use any medical tape or bandaids.

The Immune System Protocol Instructions

A detailed guide to help you find acu-points, as well as references to scientific publications and studies that led to the creation of this protocol.

Free Consultation with Our Team

We're here to help. We're available 7 days a week over live-chat.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For any reason whatsoever. It's just like a free trial.


Note: the immunity protocol has 6 points, which is why 1 kit contains 6 patches. 


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