• marcoalati

Five Keys to boost your Immune System

In this current time, many of us are struggling as the uncertainty, and the spread fear and anxiety for our safety and wellbeing continues to increase. However, instead of sitting around, and waiting for the “cure” in fear and anxiety, we should stand firm in a higher state of energy, vibration and frequency, knowing that we can do so much to maintain your body the resilient and impeccable fortes is designed to be. Here are 5 keys to enhance and maintain a strong immune system during this time, 5 keys to maintain a higher vibrational state. We hope this helps and brings awareness to you, a knowingness that you don’t have to reside in fear, anxiety or uncertainty, but in harmony, ease and lightness.

KEY NUMBER 1 - Nutrition:

* Fill up on Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. The most suitable plants for the immune defenses this season are: Cabbages for vitamin C and sulfur, citrus fruits for vitamin C.

* Consume Garlic, Onion, Leek and Cabbage raw: In addition to containing sulfur-based substances that improve the immune response, these precious foods are particularly suitable for respiratory diseases.

* Consume OMEGA 3 daily (small fish caught and cooked at low temperatures, seeds or cold-pressed linseed oil, nuts, certified supplements) to control the inflammation of our body.

KEY NUMBER 2 - Movement:

Now more than ever exercise and movement are critical. You need to regularly move your body, so your immune system is efficiently circulating. You need to move your body as to activate your cells. Movement needs to be done on a regular basis, integrated into your daily routine. Movement allows your lymphatic and circulatory systems to flow correctly, allowing all particles and molecules that constitute the immune systems to reach all districts within our body in a more fast and effective fashion.

KEY NUMBER 3 – Be exposed to a good amount of Light daily.

Light is the most important element in our body, in addition to water. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp has proven that our cells communicate with each other through biphotonic light, frequencies and specific wavelength. So it is vital to nourish your body with Light. In turn, it will produce Vitamin D, which is so important for a healthy immune system. Don’t forget that light is essential for our physiological and metabolic functions.

KEY NUMBER 4 - The nanotechnology TaoPatch

TaoPatch is wonderful nanotechnology that helps you stay in, sustain and maintain a high vibrational state, by providing a spectrum of therapeutic frequencies and wavelengths It emits photonic light in specific points in your body allowing your system integrate Light in a faster and more intense and efficient way. TaoPatch has been sold for more than seven years, with over 250,000 devices, and over twelve scientific publications to back up our research. During this time, we have also developed a new specific immune system boost, that can enhance your immune system, maintain a higher light and vibrational balance. Ultimately, a tool which can be so beneficial to You now, during this critical time and there-after.

KEY NUMBER 5 - A Clear and positive thinking, feeling and acting mentality. JOY at any cost.

PNEI has been scientifically proven that our psyche and our neurological system is strongly connected and interconnected with the endocrine system and the immune system. Thus, it is so important to maintain a high vibrational thought process and uplifting thinking. Instead of living being in fear and high anxiety mode, maintain positive thinking. You must take this unique period as an opportunity to honor what you do and do what you honor, in every here and now. Maintain a state of JOY at any cost. Be in the moment, be in a state of awe, be in a child-like state and allow yourself to be alive, creative, and happy no matter what the circumstances are. “It does not matter what happen, what matters is what you do with what happens” someone said. It is up to You to choose your state of mind during this time.