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The methodology is as important as the device itself.

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Einstein said "Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies".

We are proud to help usher in this era.

Taopatch combines the ancient knowledge of acupuncture with modern developments in nanotechnology and light therapy.
After 7 years of practice and experimentation, we've learned the most beneficial acupuncture points for different conditions.

Please read these instructions thoroughly. Some results may be gradual others.
If you have any questions, email or live-chat with us below.

Watch the 30 minute Self Application Course which includes general directions when using the patches.

Month 1: Rebalance Your System

This protocol may be used beyond 30 days to maintain support with improving balance.

Month 2: Raising Cellular Energy 1

Month 3: Raising Cellular Energy 2


Wear 6 TAOPATCHES on these points continuously. If you only have 3 TAOPATCHES, wear 3 on one side (right to left) and switch sides every three to five days.

For Focus

  • For Focus Option 1
  • For Focus Option 2

For Stress & Anxiety

For Menstrual Pain

For Sports & Athletic Performance

For Recovery

For Multiple Sclerosis

  • 1. Self-Application Course
  • 2. Tests
  • 3. Monitoring Your Progress
  • 4. Rebalance Protocol
  • 5. MS Protocol

Watch the 30 minute Self Application Course which includes general directions when using the patches.

DISCLAIMER: All the tests shown in this video are recommendations to help gauge your progress.

Feel free to adjust the tests in the event they would not be possible or safe for you to try.

Beside the test mentioned in the Self-Application Course, please add the "Tandem Gait" test and the "Single Leg Lift" test. Have someone record you while performing the following tests before wearing Taopatch and after 4 hours.

These tests will give you clear awareness on your progress.

Tandem Gait Demonstration

Single Leg Lift Demonstration

For our customers with MS, the Rebalancing Protocol must be worn consistently after the 30 days to maintain support.